What To Post

8 Ideas to Help Guide Your Social Media Posts

1. Share Exciting Updates

Share something that’s happening in your agency. It should qualify as cool, funny, or interesting. Here are some examples: Insurance Success Story, Employee News, Community News, Customer or Employee Story, Something Personal, etc.

2. Show Off Your Agency Peeps

Your agents may or may not want to be photographed, but they all want to be recognized for what they do well. If something special happens with your team, let people know about it…but get their permission first. Here are some examples: Employee Anniversary or Birthday, Work Anniversary, Team Reached A Goal, Fun Night Out, etc.

3. Get Local

Show that you’re paying attention to your community. Post anything that relates to your community and the people who live there. This is a great way to connect and build trust with people who don’t know you…yet. Here are some examples: Local Landmarks, Your Favorite Restaurant, Local Businesses or Festivals, etc.

4. Share-Worthy Content

When something awesome happens in your agency or around your agency, tell people about it! Stories about how insurance works, how a customer saved money, or how people interact with your team are compelling plugs for your product. Here are some examples: Customer Social Media Posts, Corporate News Regarding Savings, Success Stories, etc.

5. Local People Doing Cool Stuff

Recognize people in your community who are doing awesome things. If you aren’t connected well with your community yet, take a look at what your local school is up to. This is a treasure-trove of daily happenings. You should be able to find something cool thats happening on campus. When you find it, post it. Here are some examples: Congratulate Sports Teams on a Championship, Give a Shout-out to Local Celebs, Recognize the Random People that Make Your Town Special, etc.

6. Share Some Good Vibes

When it’s time to celebrate, laugh, or just blow off some steam…take a picture and share it with your community. Showing the personal side of your agency builds trust and shows that you’re real people, just like your clients. Here are some examples: Agency Anniversary, Birthday Party, Halloween Celebration, etc. 

7. Happy Clients

Let people know what your clients are saying about you. Share those positive reviews that you’re getting from Google. Be careful though, don’t over-do this one. A little will go a long way. Here are some examples: Any Thank You Notes from Clients, Online Reviews, Pictures of Happy Clients, etc. 

8. Family Time

Connect with your clients and community by sharing a bit about who you are and what you do outside of the agency. Your family and friends represent your ability to care for other people. Please don’t exploit them, but it doesn’t hurt to give people a glimpse of you on the weekends. Here are some examples: Thanksgiving, Weekend at the Lake (keep it classy), Date Night, etc. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will get you started with posting for your agency. These different types of posts are meant to give you ideas that will generate variety in your social media feed. Nothing’s worse than seeing a daily string of cut and paste posts that reference your corporate blog. Shake it up a bit! Your audience is looking for authenticity and involvement. Let them have it. Get started today.


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